"The ability to link any document to a patient's record is fantastic. We link patient results, xrays, discharge summaries and referral letters to the patient. When we need to refer to them again, they are so easy to find."
Emma, Dr Waite.


"I love the new SMS module in MxSolutions. It is very easy to use, and we have had a significant improvement in the number of patients showing up on time to their appointments."
Julie, Dr K Dolan's Rooms.

Coming Soon to Mx . . .

Prescription Writing

MxSolutions is currently undergoing development to incorportate prescription writing capabilities. It will interface into the MIMS database, enabling up-to-date information about medications and alert you to potential drug interactions.

Laboratory Request Forms

MxSolutions will soon provide the capabilities to quickly print out pathology and radiology request forms for patients. Interfacing into the NEW clinical wing of Mx, these forms will be quick to produce and will be automatically saved against the patient record.

Planned future developments for MxSolutions include:

If you have any other suggestions, please email us mx@mxsolutions.com.au.