"The ability to link any document to a patient's record is fantastic. We link patient results, xrays, discharge summaries and referral letters to the patient. When we need to refer to them again, they are so easy to find."
Emma, Dr Waite.


"I love the new SMS module in MxSolutions. It is very easy to use, and we have had a significant improvement in the number of patients showing up on time to their appointments."
Julie, Dr K Dolan's Rooms.


MxSolutions Practice Management Functions

mouse Patient Demographics

Patient details are recorded and stored in the system for each patient seen by a practitioner. The system identifies a patient via a patient number, which is assigned to the record upon input.

A photograph of a patient can also be incorporated in the Patient Details to facilitate easy identification of a patient in the Waiting Room.

mouse Billing and Receipting

MxSolutions provides a facility to raise debits, receipt accounts, to make adjustments, to record no charge work and to produce estimates. Transactions are recorded for each entry for each patient ledger. Payments can be made in the form of cheque, cash, credit card, money order, EFTPOS, or Direct Credit, and the details of each payment are entered into MxSolutions.

Bulk Billing facilities are also available. Direct Bill Statements can be produced for Medicare, DVA Patients, Hospital Fee for Service patients, and Third Party Billing.

MxSolutions supplies and updates all the major Private Health Fund Schedules as well as Medicare Benefit Schedules annually.

mouseOnline Claiming

Medicare Online Claiming provides for faster resolution of claims, improved data integrity, and speedier payment times. MxSolutions has undergone development in the latest Client Adaptor in Java, and provides an entirely cross platform solution for Medicare Online Claiming.

MxSolutions offers Medicare Online Claiming facilities including Eclipse functionality. These include Bulk Bill, DVA processing, Patient Claims Interactive, Patient Claims Store and Forward, Online Patient Verification, and Eclipse. MxSolutions also includes capabilities for DVA Medical Paperless Streamlining and Overseas Claiming.

mouse Linked Correspondence

This function allows the ability to electronically link files to patients selected by the user. Any file type (eg word processing, test results, photographs, pdf's) - in fact, whatever document you can open on your computer, can be linked to a selected patient.

A list of all linked files is displayed in ascending or descending date order for each patient, so that current documents are easy to find.

Documents can be renamed, printed, viewed (can view multiple selections at one time), flagged for review, and can also be assigned a category type for filtering functionality.

Linked Files

mouse SMS & Email Capabilities

MxSolutions has both SMS and Email modules incorporated within the program.

The SMS functionality integrates with the MxCalendar, and allows SMS reminders to be sent to patients with pending appointments. General SMS messages can also be sent. SMS templates can be stored, and a log of all SMS messages sent is retained within MxSolutions.

The Email facilities include sending both reminder and general emails. Permanent emailing lists can be stored, and attachments can be sent as well.


mouse Automated Report and Letter Writing

MxSolutions provides a facility to automate report and letter writing, thus saving you valuable time. User Defined Templates offer more user friendly and flexible letter writing solutions for our clients.  Fields (for example Surname, Address) that have been identified as being needed to be embodied in a letter or report can be set up, so that they can be combined into a template.

A template can then be merged against a patient, with the specific patient information loaded into the fields.

The letter or report is automatically saved to the patient record. It can be re-opened, re-edited, re-saved and printed from here.

mouse Interface into OzeScribe

MxSolutions provides an option to export patient demographic information for use with the OzeScribe service, which provides a secure out-sourced Medical Typing/Transcription service. The records are derived from patients who have appointments made in the MxCalendar, and the files are sent encrypted to the OzeScribe service provider.

mouse Estimates

This function provides the facility to construct an Estimate in the form of an Account and includes provision for free text to be added to explain the terms of the quote. An Estimate can be created to comply with your informed financial consent.

mouse Patient Recalls

Patient recalls can be maintained and recall letters or labels printed through MxSolutions. Standard recall letters are available within the program, or you may use your own recall letter that is stored within MxSolutions.

mouse Label Printing Facilities

Labels may be printed through MxSolutions. Patient related labels that have been set up include formats for Case Header Labels, Request Labels, and Mailing Labels. Mailing labels may also be produced for Referring Doctors, Third Party members and for patients on Recall.

mouse Accounting Features

MxSolutions provides for up to 26 fee categories for the Medical Specialist, Anaesthetist and Dental Specialist versions of MxSolutions. This then allows for the ability to store an increased number of Gap Cover Fees from more Health Funds, providing Simplified Billing arrangements. MxSolutions also has the ability to calculate Gap Cover Assist Fee loadings for Gap Cover Providers for the different Health Funds.

MxSolutions is able to track the workload for up to 26 practitioners in the system, and you can set the system for a single common bank account or multiple bank accounts, one for each practitioner.

Overdue Notices can be produced for all debtors who have ledgers with outstanding balances that are overdue.

mouse Comprehensive Management Reporting

Analyses of information resulting from the day to day running of the system may be obtained at any time. Information relating to the financial aspects of the practice includes the amount of fees raised, write-offs, and receipts determined on a monthly basis for either the financial or calendar year. This information is maintained automatically as billing and receipting processes occur, and can therefore be displayed or printed quickly, either by practitioner or total practice.

Reports providing analyses of items, referrals (Specialist versions), surgical audit (Medical versions), treatment durations, postcodes and diagnoses may also be obtained either for a specified practitioner or the total practice.

mouse MxSolutions Cash Book

The MxSolutions Cash Book is used to maintain payments and receipts of a Bank Account so that relevant information can be supplied to your Accountant for the preparation of your tax return. An up-to-date Bank Account balance is readily available and can be reconciled against the Bank Statement.

The MxSolutions Cash Book can manage up to 99 Charts of Accounts.

Features of the Cash Book include:

    • Bank Reconciliation
    • Maintenance of Last Year Balances for comparative purposes
    • Calculation of the Management Fee Invoice amount
    • Various reports including Trial Balance and Ledger Transactions
    • Export of transactions to the Accounting system 'Solution-6'
    • BAS Information