"The ability to link any document to a patient's record is fantastic. We link patient results, xrays, discharge summaries and referral letters to the patient. When we need to refer to them again, they are so easy to find."
Emma, Dr Waite.


"I love the new SMS module in MxSolutions. It is very easy to use, and we have had a significant improvement in the number of patients showing up on time to their appointments."
Julie, Dr K Dolan's Rooms.


Who Uses Mx?

Different versions of MxSolutions are available which provide a user-interface most suitable to a particular Health Profession.

Versions are available specifically for:

~ Specialist Medical Practitioners

Audiologists Ophthalmologists
Cardiologists Orthopaedic Surgeons
Cardiovascular Surgeons Paediatric Surgeons
Cosmetic Surgeons Paediatricians
Dermatologists Physicians
Ear Nose & Throat Specialists Physiotherapists
Gastroenterologists Plastic Surgeons
General Surgeons Podiatrists
Gynaecologists Psychiatrists
Haematologists Radiologists
Neurological Surgeons Respiratory Physicians
Neurologists Urological Surgeons
Occupational Therapists Urologists
Oncologists Vascular Surgeons

~ General Medical Practitioners

~ Anaesthetists - includes ASA Relative Value Guide Billing

~ Specialist Dental Practitioners

~ General Dental Practitioners

~ Orthodontists - includes Time Payment Plans, Standard Orthodontic Letters, Orthodontic Contracts

Oral Surgeons