"The ability to link any document to a patient's record is fantastic. We link patient results, xrays, discharge summaries and referral letters to the patient. When we need to refer to them again, they are so easy to find."
Emma, Dr Waite.


"I love the new SMS module in MxSolutions. It is very easy to use, and we have had a significant improvement in the number of patients showing up on time to their appointments."
Julie, Dr K Dolan's Rooms.


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February 2009


Over the last few years, MxSolutions has introduced some major changes to keep up to date with the Australian health system. An evening seminar is planned in the near future, to educate all current clients and users on the MxSolutions software.

The evening will focus on the latest features of the program, however we see this forum as an opportunity for clients and users to get together, and we invite general discussion and questions that may arise throughout the evening.

Details are yet to be confirmed, but please send us your email address so that we can send you an invitation - reg.paling@mxsolutions.com.au

MxSolutions - now with SMS & Email Capabilities

We have recently incorporated Email and SMS modules into MxSolutions.

The SMS functionality integrates with the MxCalendar, and allows SMS reminders to be sent to patients with pending appointments. General SMS messages can also be sent. SMS templates can be stored, and a log of all SMS messages sent is retained within MxSolutions.

The Email facilities include sending both reminder and general emails. Permanent emailing lists can be stored, and attachments can be sent as well.